Welcome to Be As One!

Welcome to Be As One.

My name is Susan and I’m grateful for the time you’ve taken to stop by and visit.

Who am I and what’s this blog all about?

As well as being a wife and mother, I am a writer, musician and graphic artist.

I have lots of interests that I pursue passionately.

Most importantly, I have dedicated my life to God and see my life through His lens, practicing my faith as a Roman Catholic.

What’s this have to do with you?

Over the last two years my life has gone through a quiet and profound transformation.

Emerging from the grief of losing my father in 2003 and then my mother in 2010, I have made some wonderful life-changing discoveries. As I learn to live them out, I am inviting you to come along on the journey and grow with me.

You may find your life changing too.


In our Western culture, we tend to compartmentalize our lives. I am a master at it with all my different roles, interests, etc, The trouble was, none of these compartments related to each other.

My life was splintered into many pieces and as a result, I was frustrated as a wife and mom, distracted at work as a graphic artist, and stifled in my creativity as a musician and writer. My spiritual life was dry. I felt disconnected, anxious and dissatisfied.

None of the compartments were thriving; I doubted my abilities and chastised myself for not doing better.

Negativity poured out of me like poison and thus, the people around me, especially those I loved, suffered.

Have you ever felt this way?

Sally Field as Sybil, Joanne Woodward as Dr. Wilber

Becoming whole

Remember the story of Sybil and her multiple personalities? While I didn’t suffer from that disease, I could relate
to all the different, and separate,
“people” inside of her.

Dr.  Wilber, her psychiatrist, convinced Sybil to “meet” each person inside of her and join together as one. Sybil embraced all her “people” and became whole.

I, too, want to be whole.

Discoveries: becoming whole

As a 50-something woman, I am beginning to learn how to bring all the compartments together into a single flow, like tributaries flowing into one river:

  • Christian
  • Wife for 34 years.
  • Mother of 2 grown children.
  • Graphic artist for a real estate firm (I love looking at other people’s houses).
  • Church volunteer (CCD teacher, Eucharistic minister, musician)
  • Bookworm (especially anything about or by Louisa May Alcott)
  • Writer (2 blogs, essays and someday, a book)
  • Nature lover, especially birdwatching,  kayaking and the weather
  • Cat lover with a female torti and a male ginger
  • Politically active and concerned about our country

Making connections

I am beginning to make connections inside of me (most especially with God who dwells within) and it’s helping me to connect with others and the world.

I’m learning how to live in harmony with myself, and this is translating into living in harmony with others.

I’m learning to let go and flow with the current that I believe is directed by God. This brings me great peace and empowers me to live and love boldly.

Does this way of life appeal to you?

If so I invite you to stick with me on Be As One and we’ll learn together as a community, exchanging ideas.

We’ll have some fun too, sharing our hobbies and interests.

Let’s learn to live our life in a single flow.

Addendum: my best friend of 43 years offered her best wishes and a great line which I had to include: “Love the bridge reflecting in the water, an eye to the future.” Thanks Carrie!

In my next post, I’ll share how a kayak introduced me to this idea of living life in a single flow.

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7 comments on “Welcome to Be As One!

  1. Hello, Susan — I came to your site from Seven Kittens and am so glad I did. Welcome to the world of blogging.. I’ve been at it nearly five years and have enjoyed the caring community of like-minded people who come together. We all have different interests and lives, yet somehow I have never found a community of strangers that are so much like friends. Over the years I have met many bloggers as I’ve traveled and found them to be the ‘real deal’ and I hope you do as well. If you feel so inclined, stop by The Marmelade Gypsy — it’s a bit about everything from travel to life to family, with a little art thrown in. I may move content from my book blog, Chopsticks and String over there, too.

    Thanks again for doing the Seven Kittens post. I’ve loved them so much. — jeanie

    • I just went to your blog and saw your beautiful cat. I have a real soft spot for gingers, they just have that something “extra.” I tried to subscribe to your blog via email but a page came up that said Error Not Found?

      This is my third blog. My first one wasn’t a really serious attempt, the second one is all about Louisa May Alcott at http://www.louisamayalcottismypassion.com which I’ve kept for the last 2 years. That’s part of the “transformation” that took place in my life since I lost my mom which I will talk about in future posts. I became a serious student of LMA and have met such wonderful people. I agree that bloggers are awesome.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Congratulations on a new blog, pulling so many strengths together. It’s heartening to read what you say here about losing your mother and father leading to new depths and horizons. I know how much work is behind a statement like that. I look forward to reading more. (even though I’m a dog person. I’ve met some cats I’m sure that could pull be over, but have never lived with one. Though at about ten years old our present cat shows some signs of turning affectionate. On his own terms.)

    • Hah, that sounds just like our Noah who passed away a few years ago. He started out being totally anti-social, then came out of his shell when we got a kitten (Milo) – he keep beating up on him and I warned him the tables would turn and they sure did, ending up with the two of them often tumbling down the hall with the fur flying! Milo passed on way too soon and Spencer came along – Noah started mellowing out. By the time he turned 12 he had morphed into a total sweetheart! All he’d have to do is see you and he’d chirp in greeting and purr. Sweet guy. :-)

      You’re right about the work! And speaking of work, except for the essay I did on The Glory Cloak, this post was the most grueling to get out. I really had to dig deep to find the words to explain what I meant. And that’s when I knew doing this blog was the right thing. :-)

      BTW, the cat post gave me a truly explosive first day in stats! Wow, overwhelmed at all the wonderful stories.

  3. awesome susan, awesome awesome. i like what little i’ve read here so far. i think you have much to share and teach. i truly look forward to reading more over time, so i’m following:)

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