Parrot Lovers – check this out!

I found this on The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Facebook site. If you like parrots, you’ll love this!

Quoted form the site: “One of the benefits of studying parrots is learning how they develop their complex vocal abilities. Another benefit is… baby parrots!!! Watch this fascinating video about how Green-rumped Parrotlets learn their “names” in the wild:”

Go here to see the video: http://bit.ly/PwDSHA

It seemed appropriate to include this short conversation between two parrots: :-)

Click to Tweet & Share: Parrot Lovers! You have to check out this video from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology @CornellBirds Baby Parrots! http://wp.me/p2D9hg-cU

Click to Tweet & Share: Check out this animated conversation between 2 Parrots! http://wp.me/p2D9hg-cU

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2 comments on “Parrot Lovers – check this out!

  1. Aren’t they funny! It sound like they’re having a real conversation.

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