Yet another reason to love cats

Like I need any more? :-)

Today on my lunchtime walk, I met the most lovely little female ginger. Talkative and sweet, we spent time together on the grass communing. She moved constantly but I did manage to get a couple of pictures to share.

I needed that communing; the world is in turmoil right now and being the news junkie that I am, I keep listening, reading and paying attention. But it does get overwhelming.

A sweet cat along the journey offering hospitality can sure lift my spirits!

My son Stephen also has met a sweetie. Now settled in Brooklyn, NY, he made his first new friend in the form of Datcha, a fine and fluffy fifteen year-old gentleman. Temporarily living with Stephen and his 4 roommates, Datcha has chosen Stephen as his favorite and claimed his bed. He remarked that “It certainly makes it feel more like home to have a nice kitty here.”


Datcha and the Ginger Miss reminded us both of another lovely fluffy ginger, Oscar, who use to luxuriate in the grass waiting for passers by to greet him, and I would as I walked from the parking lot to the office. His owner, a lovely women I once worked with, commented that Oscar was “waiting to be admired.” Indeed. Stephen and I both had the chance to do that.

Oscar is gone now but Oscar, this is in your memory.

Thank you, and friendly cats everywhere, for your welcome.

Has a cat ever made you feel welcome or brought you comfort? Leave a comment and share your story.

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2 comments on “Yet another reason to love cats

  1. Gingers will always be my favorites. These are very handsome! But then, they are gingers!

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