About Susan

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Through this blog, Susan Bailey shares her life’s journey, drawing all the compartments of her life together into on single flow, trusting in God to be the current that leads her down river.

She says, ” I really do feel that compartmentalization is a scourge upon the soul; time on the water in the kayak plus my religious beliefs are teaching me how important it is to integrate all the areas of your life into a single flow. It’s so important to wholeness, health and happiness.”

You can read here about kayaking sparked the idea for this blog.

Over the last several years Susan’s life has gone through a quiet and profound transformation.

Emerging from the grief of losing her father in 2003 and then her mother in 2010, Susan has made some wonderful life-changing discoveries. As she learns to live them out, she invites you to come along on the journey and grow along with her.

You may find your life changing too.

Susan is a happy wife, mother of two grown children, a writer, artist and musician. She has several passionate interests including the outdoors (especially birds and kayaking), technology, and cats, having two of her own (Jenny, a torti, and Rameses, a ginger). She is also an avid reader and very interested in current affairs.

Jenny and Rameses

A New England resident since her birth, Susan is a lifelong student of Louisa May Alcott having extensively studied her life and writing. She keeps the only blog dedicated to Louisa at www.louisamayalcottismypassion.com.

A singer and songwriter, Susan has several CDs of her spiritual music along with her ground-breaking Sung Rosary book and CD. You can listen to her music and find her products here at the site.

Susan is issuing this personal invitation to you: “Join my email list to subscribe to Be As One and we’ll learn together as a community, exchanging ideas on how to pull together the pieces of our lives and become whole. We’ll have some fun too, sharing our hobbies and interests. Let’s learn to live our life in a single flow.”

You can contact Susan by email at susanwbailey@gmail.com. You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

8 comments on “About Susan

  1. Hi Susan –

    I have been following the 7 kitties since they were 10 days old, although I did not chat, I only lurked! I understand you have pictures? I would love it if you could email them to me. I am going to miss these precious babies SO much.

    Thank you.


  2. I had rotator cuff surgery the very day these kittens were born. Their epic journey from possible homelessness and trajedy to this well adjusted, healthy and very happy family of kittens has fueled my recovery. And, the people I have chatted with (Kitty Club) over the many days of watching have made me smile and look forward to getting up and running to the computer each and every day. Thank you again to Jen Kramer and her family for this blessing.
    Bonnie (babysmama)

    • Happy to meet you formally, Bonnie. :-) Good luck with your healing from surgery. Are you following the Scientist Kitties too? What’s your handle on the chat (if you are)? They are one scrappy bunch, Marie has her hands full!

  3. I am watching the Scientist Kittens – when I do post – it is with the same name (babysmama) :)

  4. Hi Susan, I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award :) thanks for great reads:)

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