About Susan

Susan BaileyHi, my name is Susan Bailey.
Welcome to Be as One.

I am an author, speaker and musician. I wrote two books published in 2015: River of Grace: Creative Passages Through Difficult Times and Louisa May Alcott: Illuminated by The Message.

both books river first

You can contact me at susanwbailey@gmail.com

About this blog

On Be as One I write about a variety of topics reflecting my life passions from kayaking trips to live kitten cams; from favorite books to inspiring music; from the wonders of the natural world to the challenges and joys of family and friends. And more. All viewed and brought together through a lens of faith.


These are the many pieces of a life I can call harmonious. Even when life gets difficult. Remember the line from the song, “United We Stand”?

“For united we stand, divided we fall
and if our backs should ever be against the wall
We’ll together, together you and I.”

This is how I feel about all the pieces of my life, working together in harmony, and united with the One who created me and loves me. Even when my back is against the wall, I can feel brave, and be strong.

Secrecy and disharmony

It used to be that I kept certain pieces of my life hidden away from others. A lot of my artistic life was kept secret. Some of my passions too. I cherished all these things but was shy about sharing them. One day I woke up and realized something: if I didn’t embrace fully everything that I am, I can do nothing. Fear would rule my life.

Internal unity

Thus I created Be as One, to hold myself accountable and no longer keep parts of myself in secret, locked away places. I believe that life lived in fragments and compartments weakens the whole whereas unified within ourselves and with our God, we can be the beautiful and gifted people he created us to be.

I think of this image when I think of true unity:

trinity retouched

Never-ending circle of love

It is an icon representing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as angels, inspired by the story in Genesis 18 of Abraham and his encounter with three angels. The painter is Rublev. If you examine the icon closely you can see the loving gaze of each member towards the others. It is an unbroken circle of love and unity, a powerful symbol of how our own lives can be.

Beloved by God

God makes us as his beloved children; each of us is beautiful and gifted. Psalm 139 says so: we are fearfully and wonderfully made!

All will be revealed

Nothing is meant to be hidden away, and there is nothing that is secret that will not be revealed.

Sharing our gifts with others

We all have things we do well that will help others. And a life lived in harmony, with every piece working together for the good, is the best life to live.

A life of joy

It is a life that sees adventure ahead and lessons to be learned from suffering, thus granting it meaning. It is a life of “yes” to the prompts from God, leading to a deeply rooted joy that sustains us through the difficult periods of our lives.

Digging deeper

Writing about the many pieces of my life not only holds me accountable to embracing them openly, it motivates me to dig deeper and find out more about who I am as a beloved child of God. It gives me the courage to use those gifts God gave me even if sometimes they may not be appreciated.

Many pieces of a harmonious life–this is what will make me strong and brave.

Sharing the journey together

It is hoped that one or more of these pieces resonates with you and encourages you towards a life of harmony, unity and adventure. Hearing from you through the comments, email and on Facebook and Twitter makes for fun exchanges as we share our passions together.

This is what I hope Be as One will do for you:

Where the idea of harmony came from

Kayaking had a lot to do with recognizing the need for harmony in my life. Learn more from this video.

kayak with water background 640x402So did a favorite author. You can learn about her here.

reading 640x402Most of all, my wonderful family has always been there for me–my husband, Rich and my grown children Stephen and Meredith:

bailey family

Jenny and Rameses

I hope you enjoy your visit to Be as One and will come back often.

Where to find me

You can find out more about my books and music here on the site; just click on the menu above. Feel free to email me at susanwbailey@gmail.com. You can also find me on your favorite Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+

I write regularly for …

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10 thoughts on “About Susan

  1. Hi Susan –

    I have been following the 7 kitties since they were 10 days old, although I did not chat, I only lurked! I understand you have pictures? I would love it if you could email them to me. I am going to miss these precious babies SO much.

    Thank you.


  2. I had rotator cuff surgery the very day these kittens were born. Their epic journey from possible homelessness and trajedy to this well adjusted, healthy and very happy family of kittens has fueled my recovery. And, the people I have chatted with (Kitty Club) over the many days of watching have made me smile and look forward to getting up and running to the computer each and every day. Thank you again to Jen Kramer and her family for this blessing.
    Bonnie (babysmama)

    1. Happy to meet you formally, Bonnie. 🙂 Good luck with your healing from surgery. Are you following the Scientist Kitties too? What’s your handle on the chat (if you are)? They are one scrappy bunch, Marie has her hands full!

  3. I am watching the Scientist Kittens – when I do post – it is with the same name (babysmama) 🙂

  4. Hi Susan-
    just a head’s up-every time I try to get on the grapevine site-as shown on your site-I get a page from either China or some other Asian site.
    Are you aware?

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