The fear that controls, and how you break free

What are you afraid of?

Physical things like natural disasters, fires, planes crashing, car wrecks, or maybe just slipping on the ice and landing on your backside?

Bart Heird Shove off!, Flickr Creative Commons
Bart Heird Shove off!, Flickr Creative Commons

I fear all those

(especially the last one, having been diagnosed with osteoporosis in my lower spine).

How about terrorism, the upcoming presidential election, the economy?

I fear those too.

But you know what I fear the most? What other people think of me.

How many of you are paralyzed by what others think?

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What scares the sh*t out of you? What can you do about it?

What is fear to you?

  • Is it the monster in the closet that looms over you in the middle of the night?
  • Is it those butterflies that won’t stop fluttering in your stomach?
  • Is it that dread you wake up with, morning after morning?

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Confession of a timid soul

My latest Catholic Free Press column.

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The recent ruling by the Supreme Court on the legal state of marriage has reverberated across the country. People cannot stop talking about it and the conversations are often heated. A seismic shift has taken place in our culture. It caught me unprepared for the personal storm of confusion and fear that I would experience as a result.

Facing the inevitable

Christians are facing a “brave new world.” Confrontation is now inevitable; I cannot avoid it no matter how uncomfortable it makes me feel. I have to be clear as to what I think and how I feel and learn how to express it both firmly and in love, as Jesus would do. Continue reading “Confession of a timid soul”