Mary, Queen of Peace Meditation Guide and Sung Rosary

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Mary, Queen of Peace Meditation Guide & Sung Rosary

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$20.00 + shipping

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Available in ebook format (PDF) through for $6.25

listed as the #1 Rosary product by Cheryl Dickow of Bezalel Books as reported on, The Catholic Exchange, Integrated Catholic Life and the Catholic News Agency:

“What Susan offers in her combination CD/Book packet is a “must-have” for every Catholic woman today. The rosary is sung in such a way that you actually feel yourself pulled into the melody; even lackluster singers, such as myself, will find themselves easily singing along. This has already become my favorite rosary CD. And if the beautiful music isn’t enough, the booklet that comes with it is a work of art. Beautiful pictures of stained glass windows and magnificent icons, along with meditative writings will surely bless each reader. The rosary is a gift we have as Catholics and Susan Bailey’s CD/Book set is sure to please any Catholic woman interested in making the rosary a more integral part of her own daily walk with Christ.” Cheryl Dickow, Bezelel Books

The Mary, Queen of Peace Meditation Guide & Sung Rosary consists of:

  • Full color 6″ x 9″ 48-page book  includes scripture verses for each Hail Mary, sheet music for the sung prayers, and beautiful icons, paintings and stained glass windows to aid in your meditation
  • a totally sung rosary on CD.

Product details: The CD contains a sung, generic form of the rosary, meaning that the mysteries are announced as “The First Mystery,” “The Second Mystery,” etc. It can be used with the Joyful, Sorrowful, Luminous and Glorious mysteries. When you pray it, you simply insert which mystery it is. The booklet has all four sets of mysteries, each with scripture or prayers from the Liturgy of the Hours (Eastern Catholic version) for each Hail Mary. It takes approximately 50 minutes to sing the entire rosary with this version.

Listen to the music and preview the book:

$20.00 + shipping

00 paypal

You may also buy it from:
Amazon (book only – $15)Amazon (download songs)iTunes

Available in ebook format (PDF) through for $6.25

Don’t want to order online?
Call The Catholic Company at 866-522-8465 and order product #5003286




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