These are articles about my work as a musician and as a promoter of Catholic music.
Each link leads to a PDF of the articles as they appeared.

01 ncr jan 2008

National Catholic Register
January, 2008

Interview regarding
Catholic Music Industry
00 em space
02 community advocate

Community Advocate
Central MA – June 3, 2005

Interview regarding GrapeVine
Magazine and Catholic Music Industry
00 em space
03 catholic mom
Interview regarding release
of Wait with Me CD
04 wyd

Three articles on
performance in and pilgrimage to
World Youth Day 2002
00 em space
05 wellesley townsman

Three articles on release
of debut CD Teach Me to Love
April-June 2000
00 em space
06 cmn december 1998

Catholic Marketing Network
Trade Journal December 1998
GrapeVine and Teach Me to Love




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