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Susan is pleased to announce the release of Mater Dei, a collection of traditional and original songs in honor of Mary, the Mother of God. Features Shubert’s “Ave Maria,” “Immaculate Mary,” and “Hail Holy Queen” along with songs based upon the writings of Father Stefano Gobbi of the Marian Movement of Priests.

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“Mater Dei” is a gentle album, as befits the Blessed Virgin Mary, the subject of the music. A combination of Susan’s own compositions and familiar Catholic hymns, the entire CD pays tribute to the Mother of God.

Susan’s rendition of “Hail, Holy Queen” has a light beat added to the old hymn, and stands out as one of three tracks on the album performed entirely by Susan—vocal leads and harmonies, and all instrumentation.

Susan’s music can be somewhat deceiving as one listens to “Come Into His Presence”: There is a temptation to think of her as limited to lilting, pleasant melodies; this misconception is shattered as one progresses through the tracks, witnessing her haunting vibrato on some, and enthusiastic exhortation on others.

In four of Susan’s own songs, “Come Into His Presence,” “Immaculate Mantle,” “Take Joy in Me,” and “Wait With Me,” she sings in the first person, from the perspective of Our Lady, a technique that can touch the heart as one envisions Mary telling us, “Don’t despair, oh my little child. Your mother still loves you!”

Franz Schubert based his “Ave Maria” upon a popular tune of his day, and in retrospect, he disliked the finished product. Today, the pop songs fade but “Ave Maria” has withstood the test of time. Not everyone can sing it, though many make the attempt. Susan is successful, adding multi-tracked vocal harmonies and countermelodies, along with a subtle 3/4 beat.

In an age of widespread indifferentism, it’s refreshing to witness a bold, unashamed tribute to Our Blessed Mother. Thanks, Susan!
–Paul Sadet, Relevant Radio® 1330 WLOL

I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed “Mater Dei”. I loved your song selections. The album flows really well. It is very prayerful!
–Maureen Hayes, Catholic recording artist,

I wanted to pass on a lovely new CD, Mater Dei, by Susan Bailey, I listened to it on the feast of the Holy Rosary Oct. 7th. It was like Mary taking you by the hand on a journey of love to Her Son. I especially liked ” Immaculate Mantle” Produced by David Smith. Susan’s “Wait with Me” is one of my favorites and if you are looking for the perfect song for Advent … this is it! “Promised Son” sounded to me like a “Jewish melody” that I find so delightful. Great work, Susan. Thank you for honoring our Blessed Mother, “Mater Dei” in such a beautiful CD.
–Annie Karto, Catholic Recording Artist,

Your song of last evening [Under My Immaculate Mantle] was beautiful. Thank you, and thank God, for the blessing of this form of praise and worship!
–Marie Davis, Chairperson, Commission for Women, Worcester Diocese

Susan’s new CD, Mater Dei, is a unique recording, capturing the writings of Father Gobbi [of the Marian Movement of Priests]. As such, [many of] the songs are sung from Mary’s point of view. The combination of traditional hymns along with some sweet original songs work well and fill a niche in the Catholic music scene. Definitely merits a listen.
–Dave Wang of the National Catholic Register

A devotional CD to the Mother of our Lord. Compiled from 6 original works and rounded out with three classics, Susan Bailey, has superbly encompassed Mary’s glory within our Faith. Susan’s original songs could easily become classics themselves, sounding as though they could quickly be fit into a liturgical setting. While listening you’ll find yourself being pulled into the bountiful love of Mary to feel the grace that was bestowed upon her to be shared with the world through her only son, Jesus Christ.
–Nicholas Cole,

“Immaculate Mantle” is just a beautiful, beautiful song. There was so much care and tenderness in the production that it truly made Mary speaking to me come alive. Excellent job from David Smith (producer)…
–Nick Alexander, CD Reviewer for GrapeVine Magazine, http://www.nickalexander, com

Susan’s new recording project, Mater Dei is the convincing work of a Marian devotee! While listening, the music, the tone and the style of this recording lulled me into the arms of the blessed mother where I felt cradled and rocked into a peaceful slumber.

Upon reading that special permission was given to Susan from The Marian Movement of Priests, it is quite obvious to determine the reason for such an anointed recording. An anointing is given to us by Our Lord if we follow and stay in obedience to Him. By seeking special permission to use the loving words spoken by Our Blessed Mother rather than moving forward on her own accord, she was blessed. You will be touched as you open your heart and listen to this heavenly recording!
–Marge Oliveri of The Angel Connection,