Yellow, gold, orange, scarlet … the colors of Autumn

Autumn … one of the many reasons why I will never leave New England. While out on my lunchtime walk on the Brook Path in Wellesley, the color orange followed me everywhere.

It began with this:

This fungi really intrigued me, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen such a brilliant color of orange on a mushroom!

If you know what kind of mushroom this is, please comment and share your knowledge.

Emerging from the Brook Path, the red and orange leaves made their presence known:

It seems appropriate then to close this post with a short poem about this lovely time of year:


Alexander Lawrence Posey

In the dreamy silence
Of the afternoon, a
Cloth of gold is woven
Over wood and prairie;
And the jaybird, newly
Fallen from the heaven,
Scatters cordial greeting,
And the air is filled with
Scarlet leaves, that, dropping
Rise again, as ever,
With a useless sigh for
Rest–and it is Autumn.

What signs of Autumn are you seeing in your world?

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9 thoughts on “Yellow, gold, orange, scarlet … the colors of Autumn

    1. Yup, me too, despite winter. Although this year I’m going to try snow shoeing and trudge out with my camera. Photographing in winter light in the snow should be quite the challenge!

  1. I had to add a p.s. – This is what I miss about not being able to let my cats outdoors (too busy a traffic area, too many nighttime predators) – I loved watching them run through the leaves and hide in them!

  2. We went to Northern Michigan this past weekend and it was stunning — the weather was perfect, too, so when the sun hit those leaves, POW! Dazzling. And Miss Lizzie Cosette had her first long car ride and did well, with barely a mew!

    1. Whoa, congratulations! Aren’t you lucky Miss Lizzie enjoyed herself. 🙂 I can’t help thinking of that song the Beatles did nearly 50 years ago, “Dizzy Miss Lizzie” 🙂

      This time of year I love driving on the MA Pike because each day you see the colors creeping in more and more.

  3. My sister says this: This is Laetiporus Sulphureus commonly know as Sulphur Shelf or Chicken of the Woods. The latter common name was given because this fungus seems to taste like chicken and is edible when young (if you are so inclined!) This shelf-like fungus grows mostly on hardwoods and can be various shades of yellow to orange.

    Jack O’Lantern is poisonous while Sulphur Shelf is not – how do you tell the difference?

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