The aftermath of Superstorm Sandy

This is what happened to us … and yet I feel blessed.

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We knew this tree would fall. In the last post I showed how one half of the tree fell during a microburst. The tree that fell yesterday was leaning east and the wind came from the east. Inevitable.

It so happens our neighbor cuts up trees for firewood and he came right over and dug in. God is good.

I do feel blessed when I see the unending tweets of all that has happened in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Twitter was my lifeline yesterday after the power went out, keeping me connected with the rest of the world.

Because my son lives in Brooklyn, I was paying special attention and was horrified when I read of the fire at Breezy Point on the Rockaway penisula that wiped out 80-100 homes, homes that had already been flooded! Seeing the photos of streams of water flowing into subway tunnels and streets reminded me of the suffering that New Yorkers will be enduring over the next few weeks.

New Jersey took the direct hit and Atlantic City was totally flooded. Details, I’m sure, will be forthcoming on the extensive damage in that state.

Last night I was glued to my emergency radio listening to the Connecticut governor who was beside himself over the catastrophic flooding taking place on the southern side of the state.

I couldn’t pray with words. All I could do was depend upon the Spirit to supply the prayers for me as I thought of the suffering going on because of Hurricane Sandy.

It is good that God will supply us with all we need, including the prayers to pray for others.

How did you make out?

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2 thoughts on “The aftermath of Superstorm Sandy

  1. Hi Susan, I live on Long Island, in Nassau County. LI was hit pretty hard, too, especially the towns on the barrier islands (Long Beach, Fire Island). The mayor of Long Beach ordered everyone to evacuate, and of course, many did not, then buses had to be sent to bring them out later. They are also under orders not to use the tap water – it’s “not consumable” meaning it shouldn’t touch your body in any way, and boiling it won’t help either. A large chunk of Nassau County is under orders to conserve water because a wastewater processing plant is down; if they use too much water, sewage could back up into the streets & even into peoples’ homes! This doesn’t affect my area, fortunately. I have a dead tree in my front yard that has been dropping dead branches all year, and a big one fell off in the storm. It fell in the street, fortunately missing my car, and the town cleaned it away today. My electricity went out at 6:50 pm Monday evening, but it came back on this morning around 6 am, so I have been fortunate. I didn’t lose anything in the fridge. The power company had warned power might not come back for 7-10 days, but I was optimistic. Unfortunately, my neighbors right across the street from me, and the whole neighborhood on that side of the street, are on a different line, and theirs is still out, because there’s a big line down in one of the side streets. A portion of my neighbor’s fence blew down, but all in all, we got off lightly in this neighborhood. Further south, in this same town (Wantagh), I heard that a boat got loose and ended up on someone’s lawn. In another town, a boat rammed right into a person’s living room! There is nothing like mother Nature’s power! It’s awesome and humbling. I’ve always been fascinated by weather, always aware of how good or how bad it can be.

    By the way, I laughed out loud at the picture of Arlo & Murphy! I saved it to my own picture file, with credit to you and their owner, of course. It was a great start to the day!

    I hope you are okay. Sorry about your tree, it looks like mine, too, with the moldy patches on the trunk. When they get like that, you know their days are numbered. You are lucky to have the neighbor ever-ready with his chain saw! Be well!

    Rose Marie W

    1. So glad you made out so well. It’s just unreal hearing about the devastation! We won’t have power again until late Friday and cable won’t be restored until late Monday but you know, things are not so bad! It’s not cold out, we have a gas stove to give us heat and warm up our meals (the stove is for heating, not cooking, but the top is nice and hot :-)) and we can recharge phones and the computer at work and watch DVDs by lantern light. It was hard the first night but now I’m beginning to get used to the dark and quiet at night, it’s kind of nice!

      I loved that picture of Arlo and Murphy – makes me smile this Halloween.

      Stay safe!

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