Cat Heaven

Cat lovers, this is for you!

My son alerted me to this website: 50 Amazing Photos from Cat Heaven.

Here’s the story behind the photos, taken from the site: “Photographer Fubirai has spent the last five years documenting the lives of the semi-wild cats that roam the island in Fukuoka, Japan. The cats are fed by local fishermen and wander freely through the streets, boatyards, porches, and houses of the city. Heaven.”

Here’s an example of one photo. Be sure and visit 50 Amazing Photos from Cat Heaven for the rest.


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4 thoughts on “Cat Heaven

    1. And tabbies! And one that looks just like Spice Kitten Pepper. 🙂 Didn’t you love that early picture of the ginger sprawled out on his back, just waiting for us to admire him? 🙂

  1. Susan, thank you SO MUCH for posting this! Fubirai is a SUPERB photographer, in addition to obviously being a cat lover! I especially love all the shots of kitties in mid-air! I was only able to do that once, years ago with a tiny little plain roll-film camera, and caught my red tabby Ginger in mid-jump in an upstairs room. Timing is everything. I suppose he shoots a video and selects the best frame, but however he does it, they’re wonderful pictures. I also clicked on the two links at the end, to Fubirai’s own blog, and the LoveMeow site – MORE great cat photos! I’m in LOVE! By the way, when I saw photo #12 at the link you posted, this caption instantly popped into my head: “Have fish? Have friends!” The relationship the people have with these cats is so heartwarming! You could also call it “The Peaceable Kingdom”. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks. I just loved how free the kits were, out in the open, running, jumping, flying, eating fresh fish … Sure, there are dangers outside but most of them didn’t look the worse for wear and many made friends.

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