Step by Step

The temperature outside was 10 degrees with a wind chill of -11. And I still went out for  my lunch time walk. When I returned, the office manager and real estate agent on duty applauded.

I felt like applauding myself. Never in a million years did I think I would ever find myself walking in such cold weather.

Now I feel like I can do anything!

And it taught me the lesson of Step by Step. Working at something each day. Experiencing success on an incremental level. Sometimes the successes are so small, they go unnoticed. Until one day when you walk in bone-chilling weather and you enjoy it!

Walking has been an odyssey.

Walking has been a teacher.

Walking has introduced and reacquainted me with something and Someone that I love.

crocs383595_211479_lgcougar bootIt began with achy legs and bad feet being introduced to the perfect shoe, the
Mercy Croc.

It continues with the perfect boot, the Cougar Cheyenne Bootie.

It began with walking a few short feet and feeling like I was dragging a ball and chain behind me (not to mention the aching back). Now I walk over three miles and feel exhilarated.

It’s turned Spring, Summer and Fall into glorious excursions into beautiful places filled with hidden messages. It’s transformed Winter from a season I dreaded to a season I rejoice in.

Today I walked the familiar trail to Wellesley College and took pictures. I just loved comparing the seasons:

Fall and Winter trees at Wellesley College
Fall and Winter trees at Wellesley College
A ring of leaves is replaced with snow.
A ring of leaves is replaced with snow.
It's interesting what you see when the leaves are no longer there - Wellesley College tower.
It’s interesting what you see when the leaves are no longer there – Wellesley College tower.
Warm or cold, the ducks are still here.
Warm or cold, the ducks are still here.

And of course, the “Be As One” bridge:

The stone bridge, still just as pretty in winter.
The stone bridge, still just as pretty in winter.

I feel so grateful today.

Grateful for my accomplishments. Grateful for insights. Grateful for my Companion, always there, granting me blessings (often without my asking for them, as in the Mercy Crocs and boots), providing the “eyes” to see, and now, the feet to walk. Empowering me so I can be the way He meant me to be.

Step by Step works for walking. I’m learning how to apply it to writing. I’d say as a writer, I can walk a mile. I’m looking forward to the day when I can walk several, when I can write lots of words and assemble them into a book.

I’d better keep walking.

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4 thoughts on “Step by Step

  1. Good for you, Susan! Great accomplishment, beautifully written, and gorgeous photos! I too should be walking for exercise, but have yet to take the first steps. I won’t get too far at first, due to arthritic knees (both need replacement) and overweight, but I know that if I just make a start and keep it going, it will help to strengthen my knees and might even help me lose some weight. I just don’t seem able to get myself to make a start. But, your words are inspiring, and just maybe …
    In any case, I admire, and applaud you, for your achievement. Best wishes!
    Rose Marie W.

    1. Thanks. Getting started is truly the hardest part. And you probably won’t see instant success either. But over the long haul it is a good thing. I started working out at the Y a couple of years ago and although I lost no weight my cholesterol numbers were terrific! That gave me the biggest lift. I since stopped the Y to replace it with walking because the Y was tough on the knees. I’m hoping my numbers next time will be just as good!

  2. I started walking back in 2009 when I had disc problems in my back. While I am not so brave as to walk outside in the cold, I still do it every day, five days a week. Like you, I feel SO much better. And instead of making excuses to consolidate trips up and down the stairs, I make excuses to create trips up and down the stairs now.

    Keep walking!

    1. Hah, you sound like me – I look for excuses to include hills in my walk. Most hills I can do fairly easily now but there’s one killer hill that still nearly does me in. I am working towards conquering that hill. 🙂

      That’s interesting how walking helped your back. I swear it has helped my feet. I’ve worn an orthopedic for a few years and yesterday I forgot to put it in my boots! After all the prep and psyching up to go out, I wasn’t going to let that stop me. Boy, those boots really performed! I didn’t really feel any repercussion until the last leg of the walk. I love my foot doctor but I’m surprised, sports nut that he is, that he never recommended walking.

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