Pain, stillness, and the blanket of consolation

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It’s amazing how much you can learn by being forced to lie still in your bed for two days.

That nasty Christmas virus went through our household and I got it just before New Year’s. The timing was fortunate as I had several days to rest and recover.

More like a mini flu, the only way I could find any relief from the headache, fever and nausea was to lie perfectly still in my bed with the lights out, the TV off and a pillow over my head. No noise was tolerable. This went on for two days.

In the past, a sickness like this would turn me inward, driving out all thoughts of God, and everything else. It’s as if a trap door opened under my feet and I fell into a cavern, oppressive and suffocating.

I’ve never before had a guide before to lead me out. This time I did.

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2 thoughts on “Pain, stillness, and the blanket of consolation

  1. This is a beautiful piece and you have good lessons to share for all of us. Thanks for alerting me to it and for all your kind words on The Marmelade Gypsy. ~jeanie

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