The Blizzard of 2013 (aka “Nemo”) – will this be the only one this year?

Well, the “big one” came and delivered as promised. Here’s how much we got (we’re the red dot):

snowfall amount

And here’s what it looked like at our house:

door and deck

Rameses needed a boost!

rameses before and after

I’m awfully glad I got snow shoes for Christmas!!

I want to give a big ‘shout out’ to our local cable station, NECN and their meteorologist, Matt Noyes. Even now he is tweeting about the major coastal flooding in Plymouth, Scituate, Hull and Cohasset (on the Massachusetts east coast) as it is happening! He is every weather nuts’ dream – a total wonk. He updates constantly on Twitter which was a real lifeline to me during Superstorm Sandy when we lost power so early in the storm. He is bold in his forecasting and has been dead on with all of these extreme storms.

Keep these folks on the coast in your prayers – many have lost power and it’s frigid outside. Scituate and Quincy have no power at all; Scituate is even experiencing communication problems with their emergency personnel.

Noyes and one of the other NECN meteorologists, Tim Kelley, were talking about the potential for another big storm around Valentine’s Day and how there have been an array of big storms that we’ve missed; in their words, “it was not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when.'”


snow shoesNoyes tweeted in mid January about his long-range forecast for February and predicted it would be very cold and snowy.

Looks like my wonk will be proven right again.

Did I mention already how glad I am to have my snow shoes??

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