Farewell to Ripley’s Kittens – a video by Cherry Martini

For the many thousands of you who have followed the lives and antics of this mother tuxedo cat and her five kittens online, you know that today is bittersweet. As one chat member dubbed it, it’s “Graduation Day.” Ripley and her kittens will be adopted out to their forever (aka “furever”) homes bringing joy into households in the Washington state area.

Artwork by Thorn Bulle - Visit her blog at http://www.bulleblog.com
Artwork by Thorn Bulle – Visit her blog at http://www.bulleblog.com

It may seem like a waste of time to foster kittens (and even more so to spend hours watching them online). The true mystery and beauty of life, however, lie in these little things. There are countless stories of kitty watchers (who call themselves “stalkers”) finding comfort from the grind of daily life: grief, pain, physical ailments and loneliness are assuaged for a time watching a family of kittens grow and thrive.

Foster dad John with Ash
Foster dad John with Ash

There is something very touching about a grown man cradling a kitten in his hands, giving the little tummy the raspberries. 🙂

The commitment of time and resources is far more than anyone could imagine. Especially the emotional commitment.

It’s all very life-affirming. God, I’m sure, would approve.

So on this adoption day I wanted to share the customary goodbye video created by Cherry Martini on http://animoto.com:

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2 thoughts on “Farewell to Ripley’s Kittens – a video by Cherry Martini

  1. such a great video and collage of pics … they are all INCREDIBLY adorable. i have a partial liking for the tuxedo butterball with the greyish back, so very unique in markings. i hope they live happy furever lives with their new peeps:)

    thanks for sharing this

    1. That’s Ash you’re talking about and he is the big favorite. Yesterday was so cool with the adoption – every kitten got adopted and the mother cat got adopted at the end of the day. It was quite the drama with a wonderfully happy ending. All us fans now get rewarded with Facebook pages for each one. 🙂

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