Check out this mammoth bug! Can someone identify it for me?

Is this a cicada?


He is quite impressive. The details on the wings especially are truly amazing …


This is how big he was in comparison to my hand:


So, is this a cicada? I don’t think it’s a June bug … would love to know!

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4 thoughts on “Check out this mammoth bug! Can someone identify it for me?

    1. Living in a single flow for me means that everything in your life is connected. You’re you, flowing from work to home to recreation to faith to friends, etc. Our society likes to break everything up into little pieces that have no connection to each other. I am learning how to bring all the pieces of my life together into that single flow. I got the idea from watching the water flow when I’d kayak.

  1. Definitely not a “June bug” as I had plenty of experience with them in southern Ohio. Not a Japanese beetle either. Probably a cicada. With them, I have seen their shells but not the living critter.

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