Experiencing oneness through sacred geometry

I am pleased to present a guest post today by  a sacred geometry jewelry artist named David Weitzman.

Whatever faith you subscribe to, oneness is key. Connectivity to the people and world around us brings us closer to the Creator of all. This post is a wonderful example of this concept, the core theme of Be As One.

In previous posts I have commented on the persecution of people because of their beliefs. Our country is polarized as has not been seen since the 1960s, and it appears that we are heading into another war. Oneness and connectivity are not luxuries, they are necessities!

Thank you to David for this post.

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In today’s world where people consider themselves different from all others and are divided on diverse grounds of sex, age, ethnicity, religion, nationality, shape, size, and a whole lot more, the idea of the entire universe having been created out of a single source seems fantastic. But, that indeed is the truth!

Everything in this world has come from the same source – energy, which gets converted into matter by following certain geometric codes. These codes or laws bring the energy molecules together to create specific structures, which are then combined to produce matter. From a tiny cell in the human body to the flower petals, to a diamond crystal, to a nautilus shell, to the planets, to music sequences, everything is based on consistent common laws of mathematics and form. From atoms to galaxies, a constant language of geometric pattern underlines all levels of the universe.

Christ-consciousness in silver
Christ-consciousness in silver

The mystics in the ancient times realized this fundamental truth of creation and started revering these geometric patterns or codes as sacred. What we know today as sacred geometry refers to the basic building blocks of the universe and can be called the blueprint of creation. It is to be found in the entire nature in form of Fibonacci spirals, golden mean proportion, platonic solids, tube torus, etc.

A wonderful example of Scared Geometry is the Platonic Solids, the 5 solids that are the core patterns behind every physical creation. They are Hexahedron (Cube), Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron. An interesting fact about them is that they all fit perfectly in a sphere with all corners touching the sphere’s edge. The sphere/circle, which is regarded as a primal container for consciousness and energy is seen as the mother and the cube is considered the male equivalent. The cube is unique in that the other 4 solids fit perfectly within it. Thus, this works as an example of inter-connectivity of everything.

I find myself confounded by the numbers, ratios and patterns that appear repeatedly in every aspect of life. Can you, in all honesty, say that this doesn’t amaze you and attribute it all simply to coincidence? Doesn’t the perfectness in the universe that is revealed by sacred geometry point to a Supreme Force controlling everything?

Flower of life in silver
Flower of life in silver

Once you accept that all life is structured and governed by same, unseen laws, you will realize the hollowness and falsity in the perception of being distinct or separate from nature as well as from one another. You will be filled with reverence for all creation. Contemplation of these geometric codes offers a glimpse into the working of the great Universal Mind. Therefore, Sacred Geometry can become one of the ways in which God can be observed, proportioned and measured.

The Sacred Geometry is all around us, it is even within us. But, we hardly ever give it a thought. When we consciously engage with it, the harmony we experience in the shapes and patterns of sacred geometry will definitely help us get attuned to the harmony in the universal order and help us discover our full potential. It will sharpen the intuition, increase creativity and vitality, promote better understanding in relationships, improve communication, give rise to a sense of connection with the world, and make you feel at peace with yourself and with everyone around you. You will feel spiritually centered.

Undoubtedly, understanding, recognizing and accepting sacred geometry is the key to realizing the wholeness of universe and the oneness of all existence. Through it, science and spirituality become one. Its study leads us to reflect on creation of the universe and origin of life, which helps us realize the unity and oneness of everything. Everything has sprung up from a common source; everything exists together in this vast cosmos and is intricately inter-connected.

The article is written by Sacred Geometry Jewelry artist named David Weitzman.

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