ValLimar Jansen: The power of the story – sharing the Gospel through word and song

I am really excited about this keynote speaker for our 2013 Gather Us In women’s conference set for November 2 at the DCU Center in Worcester. ValLimar Jansen is a powerful gospel singer and story teller, sure to inspire! There’s still time to register – see the end of the post for details.

The Commission for Women of the Diocese of Worcester, MA

From this month’s Concerning Women column from the Catholic Free Press, this piece profiles the morning keynote speaker for the Gather Us In 2013 conference.

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The Gospel can be shared in so many ways. Most of us are accustomed to the Sunday homily or perhaps we watch EWTN and CatholicTV and listen to the speakers. Jesus preached as well but often took the approach of storytelling through parables to share to truth of the kingdom of God. Using images of everyday life, He taught the people about what it truly means to love God and neighbor.

Storytelling as a means of conveying the Gospel is alive and well today. For Gather Us In 2013, The Commission for Women is…

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