Guest post from The Holy Rover: With Hildegard in Bingen – 12th century mystic and woman of extraordinary accomplishments

I have been dying to do a post on Hildegard von Bingen since I saw a wonderful movie on her life called Vision: From the Life of Hildegard von Bingen. If you click on the link you can see a trailer and read some reviews from Rotten Tomatoes. It does have subtitles but I had no trouble following it.

Lori Erickson, aka The Holy Rover, has just posted a wonderful article on Hildegard. Hildegard was a true Renaissance woman: 12th-century mystic, writer, composer, counselor, leader, the list goes on and on. She is a saint and Doctor of the Roman Catholic Church.

Here’s a portion of Lori’s article – follow the link to see the rest and the great pictures her husband Bob provided of their visit to Bingen:

hildegard von bingen
Mural of Hildegard from the Benedictine Abbey of St. Hildegard near Bingen (Bob Sessions photo)

If Hildegard of Bingen had a resume (unusual for a 12th-century mystic, I admit, but humor me) it would have been many pages long. She was an abbess, healer, writer, musician, visionary, counselor, preacher, linguist, naturalist, poet and an adviser to kings, bishops and princes. She wrote more than 70 liturgical songs, the first sung play, and books on theology, medicine, diet and natural history. All the while she kept up a voluminous correspondence with people in and out of the church, leading one scholar to dub her the “Dear Abby of the 12th century.”

If I could invite a handful of people from history for dinner at my house, Hildegard would be among them—though I suspect she would likely dominate the conversation so much that the other guests would be intimidated.

Click here to read the rest and see the photos.

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2 thoughts on “Guest post from The Holy Rover: With Hildegard in Bingen – 12th century mystic and woman of extraordinary accomplishments

  1. Thank you, Susan! I could have guessed you are a Hildegard fan. She was absolutely remarkable, I agree. I’ll be posting more about Bingen in the next couple of weeks, too.

    1. Awesome! I actually have a CD of her music and I heard it for the first time when my daughter performed with her college choir. Have you seen the movie of Hildegard’s life? I was excited to see that one had been made.

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