There is such a thing as happily ever after – The Critter Room: a microcosm of a perfect world

In a previous post I shared about a special community of lovers, one that revolved around a foster dad, a homeless pregnant cat dubbed Janine and her three kittens, Egon, Ray and Peter (known as the Ghostbuster kittens). I wrote about how this community pulled together in the wake of the loss of sweet Peter at only four days old. I shared about the generosity and daring of a man who spends so much time caring for God’s creatures.

640 ghostbusters cropped

Yesterday was adoption day for the Ghostbusters.

It was a storybook ending, the one many of us had hoped and prayed for. It proved yet again there is such a thing as “happily ever after.”

Many joyful tears were shed when the following graphic appeared on the live kitten cam broadcast:

adoption status

Peter had been included among the adopted and here’s why:

“Janine, Ray, & Egon are being adopted together and Peter’s adoption fee was donated by an anonymous viewer in California. Peter’s tag will be mailed to them. Janine’s adoption fee was donated by a viewer in Vancouver, BC.
Happy tears all around!” from a post by Foster Dad John on The Critter Room

It showed me there can indeed be a perfect world.

The Critter Room community is a microcosm of a perfect world. This does not mean that things don’t go wrong. The Critter Room cam is after all an unedited slice of real life and nature will take her course. But when things do go wrong, the love, thoughtfulness and generosity of the community rights those wrongs.

We can’t get back what we lost. But we can be healed, even transformed. We can move on, taking our fresh tears and loving memories with us, into a new reality of renewed hope. We can share that hope outside of The Critter Room; we can rock our world.

Little communities such as The Critter Room show that if we as a people can unite in love and caring for the least of these, our bigger world will be a better place. That caring comes one at a time: one kitten, one mama, one family, one community.


Caring begins with the one and multiplies like a stone thrown into a pond, creating a ripple effect. That ripple effect is evident in this community from the friendship shown in the chat room, to the beautiful fan art, to the generous donations made to shelters, to the adopters willing to take on multiple fosters and finally, to the numerous new foster moms and dads who have taken in their own families in honor of what is done in The Critter Room.

What one will you care for today? Warning: this could rock your world!

Now a trip down memory lane thanks to videos provided by BrookIvy2 on Youtube:

Ray Traps Himself

“Sometimes when you hold a kitten, it’s hard to put them down. Really, they won’t leave!”

Ghostbusters Wrap-up

Congratulations and many thanks to CatlessNoMore, the adopter (the “hoomin”) of the Ghostbusters!

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