Sacred Journeys, Near and Far (beginning with Wild starring Reese Witherspoon)–Guest post by Lori Erikson, aka The Holy Rover

This wonderful post by one of my favorite bloggers begins with a review of the Reese Witherspoon film, Wild, leading into a longing that has been planted within all of us from the day of our birth. No matter how much the observance of organized religion may be declining, the hunger for true spiritual connection continues to grow. In the end that hunger can be satisfied, yes, even within organized religion for within that structure, one finds accountability, community and the comfort that ritual provides (and that we all seek).

from Spiritual Travels
“Wild” starring Reese Witherspoon; from Spiritual Travels

Now that the holiday season is past, I’m back to Rovering again here at the Holy Rover. But even during my break away from writing, the theme of pilgrimage kept coming up. Today, near the beginning of this new year, I want to share some of those gleanings.

The first is the Reese Witherspoon movie Wild. I’ve been a bad girl, I’m afraid, and didn’t read the book first, but I loved the movie. It’s based on a memoir by Cheryl Strayed, in which she recounts her 1,100-mile walk on the Pacific Crest Trail. She is perhaps the most woefully underprepared hiker ever to complete this challenging route (the scenes with her ridiculously heavy backpack are worth the price of the movie). But as the film went on, it became increasingly obvious to me that she was on a pilgrimage. I don’t think the word was ever used specifically, but her journey had all the hallmarks: the seeking after meaning, the desperate need to recover from trauma and heartache, and the healing that slowly happened because of the journey. It’s a splendid film, one I highly recommend …

… I especially like what [Bruce] Feiler has to say about the need to be active in one’s spiritual life: “So much of religion as it’s been practiced for centuries has been largely passive. People receive a faith from their parents; they are herded into institutions they have no role in choosing; they spend much of their spiritual lives sitting inactively in buildings being lectured at from on high….

Read the rest of this post on Spiritual Travels.

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