Are we ready for a change in our lives? Reflections on the Sunday gospel, Mark 1:14-20

father steven labaireI am pleased to present this guest post from Father Steven LaBaire, pastor of Holy Family Parish in Worcester, MA.

In preparation for mass this Sunday:

This coming Sunday’s gospel is a story of fisherman making a career change. We hear that they “left behind their nets” to follow Jesus.

Some people think that being a fisherman in the time of Jesus meant being poor. Nothing could be further from the truth. Fishing was an extremely lucrative and well paying profession. Fishermen could enjoy a fairly good standard of living. Fishermen in the part of the world where Jesus lived had a job security and steady income that many others would envy.


Obviously, for these men, their well-paying jobs, and career security weren’t satisfying enough. We’re told that they were willing to leave it all behind and become “students” or “apprentices” of Jesus. (The word “disciple” means: student or apprentice.) These men were looking for something more in life. Apparently they found it in Jesus, because later on they were willing endure all kinds of suffering for the sake of what they discovered.

What about us? What about you?

  • Is what you’re doing in life right now satisfying to your soul?
  • Have you found what you need to live each day with serenity?
  • What would you be willing to “give up” and” let go of” in order to experience yourself more at peace with yourself?
  • Would the people you call “friends” support you in your decision? If not, do you need different “friends?”
  • Do you find something inside you, yearning and craving to make some changes in life?

Let’s pray this week for the strength to “leave behind the nets” that are preventing us from going where we need to go in life. How will we make 2015 different in a terrific way? Or, will it be more of same…same…same?

Copyright 2015 Steven M. LaBaire

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