Change is afoot … Exciting new developments on Be as One

Note: Be as One subscribers–go here to find out this change will affect you.

Change can be disconcerting but also invigorating. A perfect example is when I switched from the iPhone 4 to the 5S. The feel of the phone was completely different due to major changes in the operating system. It yanked me out of my comfort zone and at first, I had a hard time adjusting.

iphone 4 and 5-horz

And then, I discovered Siri. I found I could dictate my emails, text messages, Facebook posts and tweets. I tend to brainstorm a lot in the car and need something that easily captures my thoughts. Enter my new best friend. Siri. 🙂

iphone 5s siri

Now I love my iPhone 5S!

I say this because Be as One is about to undergo a major change:

  • A whole new look.
  • Lots of resources including:
    • Videos
    • New Music
    • and practical exercises known as Flow Lessons from my book,
      River of Grace.
  • Blog posts, past and present, will be easier to find.
  • And hopefully this will translate into a more enjoyable experience for you.

Here’s a preview of the new logo:

How will these changes affect you?

If you subscribe to Be as One through my email list, you will still be notified when something new is posted.

However, if you subscribe through WordPress, you will no longer receive email notification (although your Reader will still feature new posts).

The best way to stay connected to Be as One is to subscribe to my email list.

River of Grace Creative Passages Through Difficult TimesI have many wonderful things to share with you, the most exciting being the launch of River of Grace on October 30.

I will be offering some wonderful freebies and incentives over the next few months to celebrate my book launch (including sneak peaks at the book) and I want you to be a part of it.

Wait until you see what I have planned for you!

So, be sure to subscribe to my email list today.
And be ready for Be as One, version 2.0!

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