Song that inspires prayer for our nation and the world

The world is a scary place and lately it’s been getting to me. I imagine it’s getting to you too. Are you finding yourself more anxious than usual?  Mine is certainly not helped by morbid curiosity over the news.

And I’m wondering why I’m grinding my teeth more than usual?!?

I came across a song yesterday that affirmed what I was feeling when I wrote the previous post

Prayer is the answer.

The song is called “That’s Why I Pray” and it’s performed by Big and Rich and written by Sarah Buxton, Danelle Leverett and Blair Daly.  The chorus says it all:

“Oh I’m begging for forgiveness / I wanna make a difference, even in the smallest way / I’m only one person, but I can feel it working / I believe in better days / That’s why I pray.”

Here’s some background on the song itself, and a review of the song.

This is the perfect song for this time in our lives.

There was another song released years ago, written and performed by Michard Card especially for the National Day of Prayer. It’s called “Heal Our Land” and it seemed appropriate to include it here too:

Think of these songs and let’s offer unending prayers for our nation and the world!

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