Birding at historic Mount Auburn Cemetery, circa 1960

Mother’s Day in our family was always celebrated with a trip to Mount Auburn Cemetery for the Spring Warbler Migration. It’s a magnificent trip to a truly historic place awash in beautiful mature flowering shrubs and trees surrounding three different picturesque ponds. And the birds! Warblers are tiny, often colorful wonders with a wide variety of songs to challenge the most experienced birder.

willow pond mt auburn 05-2011-4

On lucky trips, you might even catch site of a Great Horned Owl nest with owlets, or there might be a tiny owl wedged in the hole of a tree, blending in seamlessly.

owlets mt auburn 05-2011-1

It’s time outdoors, time spent with historic figures, and time spent enjoying a competitive, stimulating and truly fun hobby. Here’s a look at birders from the famous Brookline Bird Club at Mt. Auburn in 1960:

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