Parrot Lovers – check this out!

I found this on The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Facebook site. If you like parrots, you’ll love this!

Quoted form the site: “One of the benefits of studying parrots is learning how they develop their complex vocal abilities. Another benefit is… baby parrots!!! Watch this fascinating video about how Green-rumped Parrotlets learn their “names” in the wild:”

Go here to see the video:

It seemed appropriate to include this short conversation between two parrots: 🙂

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The secret lives of backyard birds

I received this from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and if you’re a bird lover, you’ll want to subscribe to their newsletter. Cornell offers many wonderful videos about birds including live cams of nesting birds. I’ll feature their best one after we expose the secret lives of your favorite backyard birds! Continue reading “The secret lives of backyard birds”