For all you cat lovers! Here is the perfect holiday gift for you and those you love.

Those of you who follow this blog know how much I love cats. These are my three beauties:

rameses, tish and cora
L to R Rameses, Tish and Cora

Rameses is my ginger boy, he is 12. Tish is 2, and her daughter,  Cora, is 1.

As a cat lover, I am pleased to present books by a dear friend, Jill Pickford, known as the Sing to the Moon series. These stories will tug at your heartstrings — they are fantastical, funny, and poignant tales of rescue and feral cats and kittens that will make you laugh and cry.

Sing to the Moon: Tales from the Kitten Cam, and Sing to the Moon, Volume 2: The Rest of the Stories will make wonderful gifts for your cat-loving family and friends, and don’t forget to gift yourself! Your purchase will support Jill’s favorite cat shelter, Purrfect Pals, in Washington State. Per her wishes, all proceeds will be donated.

Sadly, Jill Pickford passed away last year. Still, she has left behind a legacy that you can enjoy, and that will help many abandoned cats and kittens. Your purchase will continue that legacy. Thank you for your support!

Just released!
Sing to the Moon, Volume Two: The Rest of the Stories

Sing to the Moon: Tales of the Kitten Cam

00 FINAL COVER Sing to the Moon cover with drawing-512
Can a kitten change the world? The answer lies in these charming stories of love and friendship, bravery and derring-do from the fantasy world of real-life kittens and cats from the Internet’s famous live kitten cam, The Critter Room. Meet gentleman spies and incompetent knights, artists and astronomers, poets and philosophers, storytellers and songsmiths. Heck, there’s even a human or two! Join in their adventures and follow their dreams in this engaging book of tales written and illustrated by kitten cam addict Jill Pickford. They will tug at your heartstrings and bring a smile to your face. All proceeds benefit Purrfect Pals Cat Shelter, in Washington State, the sponsor of The Critter Room. Tune in live to see the stories continue in The Critter Room on Facebook and YouTube where you will hear Foster Dad John say, “Enjoy the kittens. Have a nice day.”

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Makes a great gift!

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