The Critter Room Memory Book Volume One is nearly ready! How much should the book cost? Answer this poll …

The Critter Room Memory Book Volume One is nearly ready!
All we need to do is to set the price.

Designed as a scrapbook for all of us who have wanted to just pull out a book and look at wonderful pictures of kittens we’ve loved, The Critter Room Memory Book Volume One features these litters:

  • Hitchhiker Fosters
  • Ghostbuster Kittens
  • Pixar Fosters
  • AI Fosters

The book is in full color, 68 pages in length, measuring 8.5″ x 8.5″. The cover is glossy. It is chock full of photos contributed by Foster Dad John (John Bartlett), “Mr. Ripley” (James Petts) and Tam Wood; it also includes numerous screen shots found on the Critter Room Facebook page. I’ve included photos of time spent in the Critter Room plus photos of adoption days.

The book also features artwork by Thorn, Cazul R and Sandra Andreasen, collages by Nicoya Grobman, stories by Jill Pickford and Annie Staats, and my essay on the impact of Little Peter.

Here is a small sample:

memory book

The Prison-Foster program, from the Purrfect Pals website
The Prison-Foster program, from the Purrfect Pals website

For those of you not familiar with The Critter Room and Purrfect Pals, this no-kill shelter for cats in Arlington, WA does extraordinary work placing kittens and cats of all ages in good homes. They also care for cats with conditions (such as their Feline Leukemia Room for cats with FIV) and socialize cats and kittens through their Prison-Foster program.

This is much more than supporting kittens and cats. The Critter Room has provided companionship, solace and endless hours of entertainment for thousands of people who need it. Our world is in a tough place right now. The Critter Room and Purrfect Pals are helpful reminders that the quiet majority of people out there are caring, good and decent. Supporting Purrfect Pals helps God’s creatures: man and beast.

The book will be sold on through CreateSpace. After production costs and Amazon taking its cut, all royalties will be donated to Purrfect Pals.

We now need to set a price.

Please take a moment to take the poll. It will be up for one week; on Friday, August 22, I will set the final price. Thanks for your participation!

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