Meet Jeff Goins, Author of Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into Your Comfortable Life

Recently I reviewed a wonderful book known as Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into Your Comfortable Life. Jeff  Goins, the author, made time out of his busy schedule to sit down for a quick interview.

SB: Who is Jeff Goins? What makes you tick?

JG: I’m a writer — a guy full of ideas and a penchant for making guacamole. I’m driven by the desire to make a difference in this world, to “leave a dent” as Steve Jobs once said. I want what I do to matter, to last well beyond the years of my life.

SB: What led you to write Wrecked? As a writer, how did you make the transition from blogger/articles to a book?

JG:I wrote it because it needed to be written. I couldn’t find something that addressed this issue I wanted to cover. Lots of books talk about why we need to be more compassionate or become better servants, but what about the byproduct of service? What about the burden of bearing other people’s pain? What do we do with that?

Wrecked attempts to answer those questions.

SB: Your book reflects the two Great Commandments of Jesus – to love God and to love neighbor. How important is it to you to have an ongoing, intimate relationship with God and how do you think it helps you to love your neighbor?

JG: Everything requires a foundation. Compassion is no different. Our pursuit of justice or compassion or poverty relief can easily turn into an unmanageable burden, an exercise in codependency. There are so many needs in this world that it’s easy to get addicted to being needed. The best way to keep this in check for me is to actively practice my faith, which is about laying down my life — not only for others, but also (and foremost) for God.

SB:What is wrecking you now?

Fatherhood. It is the most powerful tool in dying to myself I’ve ever experienced. Not easy, but good (I think). Ask me again in a few years, though.

Having raised two myself, I think I already know the answer. 🙂

Be sure and pick up your copy of Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into Your Comfortable Life. Goins knows how to give new meaning to the pain and suffering in our lives.

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