Kitty Scrapbook

at 6 weeks – Noodles, at less than a year old, was a Supermom!

The response to the sevenkittens post from the other day was overwhelming! Noodles and her brood are truly an international phenom.

This weekend, the seven kittens (Taco, Hank, Ramon, Cosmo, Spooky, Venus and Loki) go home with their forever families. Noodles will be accompanying one of the boys. Everyone in the community is bidding a fond, and sad, farewell.

Real people in a viral world

On the surface it seems ridiculous to be so vested in a live cam of total strangers on the internet. But I am quickly discovering real people behind handle names like “babysmama” and “minty929,” and sometimes poignant stories of loss and healing.

It’s been a pleasure meeting you all!

Kitty scrapbook

It seemed appropriate to offer a scrapbook of pictures of the cats that belong to these wonderful people whose company I have shared during long summer days at a deadly quiet office (which will pick up with gusto come September).

And we can remember Noodles and her lovely family, happy, healthy, safe and very much loved by their new families.

And the Kramer household can slowly get back to normal. 🙂

Enjoy this virtual scrapbook!

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