Book Review: Everyday Holiness: Blunt, Funny and Poignant – “Do Bad Guys Wear Socks?” by M. Regina Cram

Recently I posted a review for my monthly column on  that was a sheer pleasure to write. For years I have longed for my lifelong friend from high school to write a book. Overcoming many odds (some of which you will find out about in the following review), Reg has finally done it, assembling her many award-winning columns into a collection. If you think that holiness is just for long-dead saints, read on.

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do bad guys wear socks largeHow in the world could a book titled Do Bad Guys Wear Socks? inspire to live out my faith?

Written by M. Regina Cram, Do Bad Guys Wear Socks? Living the Gospel in Everyday Life is a collection of her award-winning columns from the Catholic Transcript (of the diocese of Hartford, CT) and the Hartford Courant. Cram’s candor, laced with humor and free of self-indulgence and melodrama, makes this book a breath of fresh air.

I must insert a disclaimer here: Reg Cram is a lifelong friend but I had no idea she could write like this. The book grabbed me in an instant and never let go.

Click here to read the rest of the review.

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