Patience pays off – an encounter with a green heron

Yesterday’s kayak trip took place just down the street at Eckblaw Landing. Here you can take a trip down the Quinsigamond River. I’ve done this trip several times and don’t usually see all that much in the way of birds because the MA Turnpike runs right over the river. Still, sometimes you really hit the jackpot:

640 eye

This is the green heron, not to be confused with his much bigger counterpart, the blue heron:

560 great blue heron other side

The green heron is not nearly as common. This one put on quite a show for me, staying for a long time and allowing me to get quite close:

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It’s hard to describe how I feel when I see such a site and have the privilege of viewing it for such a long time. I credit my mother with passing along this joy of nature to me. It fills my heart, mind and soul with things beyond words. Sitting in my kayak I found myself wishing my mother had had the chance to enjoy birding in this way, totally still on the river, watching the show unfold. She was afraid of the water and I don’t think she would have enjoyed kayaking for that reason but the thrill of seeing such a magnificent creature up close and personal might have assuaged her fear. Someday when we meet again, we will have to talk about this.

9-painted turtle2 featuredIn the meantime, I hope you enjoy the show. By the way, did I tell you I also saw a painted turtle swimming under the water? I wish I could have captured him on film but rather than take the time to find my camera, I decided to just watch another one of God’s creatures paddling under water without a care in the world.

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Spring finally arrives in New England! A virtual kayak trip for city dwellers

Many of you around the country endured a harsh winter (especially you in the Midwest). Endless snow. Frigid temperatures. Dreary dark and shortened days. Our winter here in New England was long and hard and spring has been slow to come.

But finally, Spring is here!

Some of you nature lovers are lucky enough to live in the suburbs or the countryside and can just step outside your door to drink in the warmth and greenery. You can open a window and hear a chorus of birds beginning at 4:30 am just when the darkness is starting to lift.

Some of you nature lovers however live in the city where it is harder to enjoy these things. I dedicate this kayak trip to you and hope you can soon get outside and enjoy the springtime weather.

My husband Rich and I kayaked on Lake Wildwood in Upton, MA:


Rich hoped he could catch some fish:


I took my camera out and hoped to catch the Spring:

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Birds were everywhere.

They are a lot harder to photograph, especially when they, and my boat (due to current and the wind) keep moving! But I managed to catch a couple:

Baltimore Oriole
Baltimore Oriole

The catbird sat among a spread of pretty yellow flowers:

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A painted turtle graciously posed for me:

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This is the joy of kayaking.

It allows you to sneak up on wildlife and enjoy them without disturbing them.

I also love water.

I love the colors, the texture, the sounds. The ripples and pools reflecting the underwater plants created a swirl of colors that reminded me of impressionist paintings:

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I hope you city dwellers enjoyed your virtual trip and may you get outdoors soon.  And you country dwellers: I hope you can get away from yard work long enough to enjoy these fleeting Spring days before the heat of summer sets in.

God’s country is beautiful, isn’t it?

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