Dreading the holidays? Finding your secret quiet space in the midst of the noise and chaos

from http://macooshoes.wordpress.com/2012/11/06/christmas-madness/
from http://macooshoes.wordpress.com/2012/11/06/christmas-madness/

Here we go again! Daylight savings time is over, the decorations are up in the stores: the march towards Christmas begins.

And there’s so much to do!

  • from decorating our homes …
  • to cooking, entertaining and party-hopping …
  • to buying and wrapping gifts … and mailing them …
  • to making out cards … and mailing them …
  • to volunteering our time and giving to our favorite charities …
  • to spending time with family …

All good but …

Don’t get me wrong; all of these things are worthwhile, so long as we do them freely and we have the means to do so.

But …

  • What about people who are hurting financially and feel the pressure to buy gifts?
  • What about those dealing with complex family relationships who are obligated to spend time with that troublesome parent, sibling, aunt or cousin?
  • What about people (like me) who have no talent in cooking, decorating and entertaining but are expected to do them anyway?
  • And what of the poor souls who work in retail and are bombarded with the holidays 24/7?

Do the demands and the frantic pace of Christmas make you want to withdraw
to a quiet and peaceful space? How do you find that space?

There is a best-kept secret in our churches, that of the Advent season. Beginning after Thanksgiving, Advent presents a quieter and simpler approach. It’s a spiritual safe haven where we can retreat, be quiet and prepare for true purpose of Christmas, that of welcoming God come down as a human child to live among us.

In a series of blog posts, I will be presenting some of that treasure through songs, videos and readings in the hopes that this will lead you into that quiet space within yourself, the “inner room” where Jesus encourages us to go when we wish to pray.

Carry it with you

Advent introduces  you to a gift, a sacred space which you can carry around inside of  you long after Christmas is over. It’s a place to go to when you need to recharge your battery. It’s where you will find the endless welcome and acceptance from a God who longs to lavish love and mercy upon you.

Jesus retreated regularly to his inner room to be with the One he loved most. We can do the same.

Click here to listen to the Advent music I will be spotlighting.

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