This year’s garden with a twist – a perennial that will never die!

Let me begin by saying I do not have a green thumb. I gave up planting perennials and having them die on me. I gave up planting anything exotic; it was a death sentence for them too.

And to think my mother was a biologist at Wellesley College! That gene sure passed me over.

However, I do finally know what grows and how to put colors together. And I planted a perennial that will never die! What is it?

First, here’s the garden in total, can you see the new perennial?

620 garden5

Give up? Here’s a closer look …

620 garden3

Okay, okay, here it is …

620 garden2

Pretty cool, huh? It’s a solar powered frog fountain! The sun wasn’t out when I took the picture but when it is, the water comes as a stream out of the frog’s mouth. The birds will love this.

This is one perennial that will never die. I’ll just bring it in every winter. 🙂

What are you planting in your garden this year?

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