“Is My Day Your Day?” Let’s talk about our spiritual lives.

Sometimes we need a place to jot down our thoughts and feelings.

  • We learn something new.
  • We screw up. Big time.
  • We receive a surprise blessing.

I wanted to establish this quiet space to share things as they happen to me with the hope that you will see yourself here too. Free free to comment and I will answer. Let’s talk and share.

I invite you to visit my spiritual journal called
“Is My Day Your Day?”

In this journal I will be sharing insights I learn from scripture, experiences of prayer, encounters with people and with the world … whatever I run into that leads me to God.

I am hoping that in my sharing you will find something that resonates with your spiritual life.

We are never alone. God is with us and not just in church. He in our hearts and souls. He is in each one of us. And he is in the world around us.

Mark Ittleman Together, Flickr Creative Commons
Mark Ittleman Together, Flickr Creative Commons

You can comment on my spiritual journal on my Facebook page–I will post every entry there as well as in the journal.

I look forward to walking together with you and our Lord.

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