New feature: Fun Facts Friday!

I visit Twitter and Facebook frequently and find many fun and fascinating links–it’s about time I share them with you!

tweets april 23 2015

On the “Fun Facts” front ..

  • Meet the woman who invented the dishwasher – now this is my kind of woman! I love reading about people who solve their own problems. One of my favorite personal sayings is “There’s a solution to every problem.”

In the Book corner …

  • Meet beloved children’s author Beatrix Potter – “Beatrix Potter’s (1866-1943) inspiration came from the nature and animals that surrounded her as a child and sprouted an imagination that would delight the world forever.” Who can forget The Tale of Peter Rabbit? I didn’t realize she also did the illustrations which are so sweet.

And finally, for you animal lovers …

Do you have a fun link to share?

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2 thoughts on “New feature: Fun Facts Friday!

  1. Thanks, Susan, for these delightful stories! I especially love the one about the British postman and his cat friend, and the one about the Costa Rican frog that certainly does look like Kermit.

    I adopted two male ginger kittens in October 2014, and one of them jumps on my back a lot. He does this sometimes when I’m leaning forward, at my desk, or even when I’m on the toilet, and also if I bend over, such as when I’m scooping the litter pan! When I’m at my desk, he usually walks up and sits on my shoulder, like a little parrot. He’s a riot! Not only that, my 20-pound, seven-year-old tuxie, who never jumped on my back before, learned this from the kitten and occasionally jumps on my back now, too! By the way, I got the two kittens from a rescue group in Florida that was running a kitten cam that I watched last summer. I fell in love with one, who went through some medical problems for a while, and after their sister was adopted, I decided to adopt both boys, so they could stay together and have each other to play with. They’re so much fun and bring me so much pleasure and joy!

    1. Awww, what a great story! How cute that your tuxedo is a copy cat. 🙂 He wasn’t about to be outdone by a couple of ginger upstarts! So glad you took the chance and adopted them.

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