Spring is here – are you taking the time to relish it?

With vivid memories of four feet of snow and bitter cold,
the coming of Spring in New England is especially sweet this year.

new leaves2-640

Temperatures have been on the cool side but that only makes the show of blooming flowers and leaves opening last that much longer.

pink flowers-640

Early Spring is a fleeting time; the landscape literally changes overnight.
I wanted to capture this rebirth and relish it.


For example, between yesterday (when this photo was taken, 4-28-15)
and today, this forsythia bush sprouted green leaves overnight!

And here’s something else (really obvious)
that I missed from not taking the time to observe:

new leaves6-640

Because the flowers are green,
I never made the connection that they were in fact, flowers!
I thought instead they were an early configuration of the final leaf
when in fact the leaf is the fruit of the flower.
Looks like my favorite saying of “I’m slow but I get it eventually” works here!

new leaves4-640

At any rate, I hope you are enjoying Spring wherever it is blooming.
Take a moment to examine these miracles closely and stroke the leaves,
still moist and new.
Before you know it, they will be gone, replaced with the lush foliage of summer.

Maybe take a moment and say “thank you” for this rebirth
that comes every year despite the harshness of the winter.

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4 thoughts on “Spring is here – are you taking the time to relish it?

  1. Oh – I meant to add, that I am enjoying and relishing the spring flowers here on Long Island, too! It’s funny about forsythias – they’re so beautiful when they’re ALL yellow, and it almost feels like the leaves spoil the look when they open. It’s a very hardy shrub – the one in my backyard has been there since the house was built in 1951! (We moved here in 1962.)

    1. I totally agree regarding forsythias – the one I photographed yesterday is now “spoiled” by leaves. 🙂 And you’re right about them being hardy – the ones at my parents’ old house are as old as I am (but I won’t give that away! :-))

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