Love begets love: how can something you love to do spread love to others?

This past Tuesday I did something I love doing.

We are fortunate in Massachusetts to have several chapters of WINGS, an organization dedicated to gathering together women of faith in an effort to support and deepen that faith.


I was pleased to be invited to speak this past Tuesday at Christ the King Parish in Worcester, MA, at their first WINGS meeting of the season. I presented my “Let’s Go Swimming!” talk with songs, ending with a rousing rendition all together of “Can You Teach Me?”

susan bailey, author of river of grace, speaking and singing-640The best part by far was after the talk when we all sat around and talked about a favorite topic of mine: seeing God in everything we do.

What we love can spread love

Based upon a Flow Lesson from my upcoming book, River of Grace, called “Finding, Creating and Using Your Own Spiritual Disciplines,” we talked about those things we love doing and how we can create a connection between that activity and God, which in turn, benefits those around us.

This was one creative group with so many great ideas and suggestions!

Love of gardening

One woman shared her love of gardening and how she prays as she plants and tills the soil. She admitted that while she doesn’t enjoy getting her hands dirty, she knew it was a healthy thing to “dig in.” She even cited a recent study which suggested that the soil is full of microorganisms that are good for us; now gardening is no longer therapeutic, but healing!

gardening Scottish Dream Photography Planting (self portrait)
Scottish Dream Photography Planting (self portrait), Flickr Creative Commons

Ponder for a moment …

If you garden, where and how do you see the Spirit of God as you till the soil, weed and plant? I will certainly be pondering that question this weekend as I weed and transplant (praying that I don’t kill my plants – no green thumb here!).

Love of decorating cakes

Another woman decorates cakes. Her friend, sitting next to her, sang her praises. I listened to this woman describe how she decorates her cakes and realized a lot of love and care went into the work. If I were a recipient of such a cake, I would be deeply honored. So much love in those little roses and flourishes of colorful frosting! The woman had not thought of it that way before but her artistry was a means of spreading love to others.

cake decorating - the-icing-on-the-cake. (Jo) The rear view
the-icing-on-the-cake. (Jo) The rear view!, Flickr Creative Commons

Ponder for a moment …

Do you cook? What are your specialty dishes? How do you see God at work as you prepare your dishes and present them to your family and friends?

Sweet reflection

Upon returning home and today too as I write, I can’t stop thinking about those wonderful and insightful women and how their daily activities, their “creations,” honor our beautiful Creator.

What do you love to do? Do you see it as a way of honoring your Creator?

Think about it … then share with us what you do!

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