Celebration in Song: “Come Holy Spirit!”

teach me-600From my first CD called Teach Me to Love I present a fun and uplifting song, “Come Holy Spirit!”

Of all the songs recorded for this album, “Come Holy Spirit!” was the most fun. At the time of its recording in 2000, my husband Rich was co-leading the youth choir at our parish of St. Luke the Evangelist. Made up of teenagers (along with Rich, co-leader Sarah Connors and percussionist Joe Jaworski), the youth choir sang at the Sunday night 6:30 mass.

I wanted “Come Holy Spirit!” to be filled with many joyful voices, inspiring me to invite the youth choir to NYC to record the song.


After securing permission from the parents, we rented a van and took the group along with our children, then 13 and 11, to the heart of New York City, on Canal Street. My producer, Ron Zabrocki, needed to rent larger studio space as his could not accommodate such a large group.


While driving in we saw a magnificent air craft carrier, the USS Intrepid, acting as the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum. Our son Stephen, who was just beginning his interest in WWII, particularly enjoyed that site.

The studio was huge as well and most impressive. We gathered together, rehearsing and then singing the song. As fate would have it, I had no voice that day, having lost it to a cold! But it was exhilarating hearing all those young and energetic voices calling down the Holy Spirit in song.


tm2-640 featured

After recording the vocals, Ron asked the group’s percussionist, Joe Jaworski, to play every single percussion instrument he brought with him. It fascinating watching him play and it fit in perfectly with the song.

“Come Holy Spirit!” has been one of the most successful songs from my collection. It has been used in several churches for confirmation and Pentecost (ours included). I also had the thrill of performing it on EWTN’s “Backstage” program. I know I always have a lot of fun singing it; try singing along too and pray for the Holy Spirit to come, just as He did on Pentecost so long ago:

Sheet music for this song is available; visit here to purchase your copy.

“Come Holy Spirit” is available on Teach Me to Love; a digital copy can be purchased from iTunes or Amazon.


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