Praying with a Broken Heart by Sarah Hart

Sarah Hart is a prolific songwriter of faith-based songs. She has won a Grammy award for song she co-wrote for Amy Grant and a earned a gold record for a song she co-wrote for the Newsboys.

sarah hart above earth's lamentationThis is her first video for a song called “Praying with a Broken Heart,” from her album, Above Earth’s Lamentation. In this song she describes a common prayer experience of “Where are you, God?”

Sometimes it seems our prayers hit the ceiling and go no further. There is no stirring in the heart, no sense of consolation. No warmth.  And yet we are told that in those moments of cold and doubt, God is closer to us than ever. Perhaps so close that we just plain miss him.

I know I often feel that in the middle of the night when fear is magnified. Jesus knew that on the cross when he cried out, “Why have you abandoned me?”

Sarah’s song reminds us that faith is more than what we feel. It needs to get beyond feeling to the knowing:”I know you are there!”

When I push through my fear in middle of the night to that knowing, it gets better, even if the fear is still there.

How about you?

Visit to hear more of Sarah’s music and see where she is appearing.

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2 thoughts on “Praying with a Broken Heart by Sarah Hart

  1. What a pretty song. Thank you. i’m not sure how to answer your question. It always feels better when i pray, even if prayer requests aren’t answered.

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