From virtual to reality: how a live kitten cam saved a little life

I would like you to meet an as-yet unnamed two week-old kitten:

He was found by fellow live kitten cam addict Patricia while she was out riding her bike with her friend. She writes,

I don’t usually ride on the bike trail on Thursday mornings and I’m not sure what put me on that trail along the river and through the woods that day or what prompted me to flag down the woman who passed me clutching something to her chest (why did i assume it was a kitten????) but for some reason, I was meant to find this little kitten.

Forest kittens

I think I know why she assumed it was a kitten, especially in that forest setting. One of the kitten cams that we regularly follow together features feral mother cats from a colony in the forest; the cats are fed and cared for by volunteers from LAPS (Langley Animal Protection Society in Aldergrove, British Columbia in Canada). As part of their Trap-Neuter-Return program, cats are trapped, spayed or neutered and then released back to their home in the wild. Pregnant mothers are trapped and taken indoors where they have their kittens in a safe environment. Once the kittens are weaned they are placed with other kittens who are used to humans; eventually they are adopted into their forever homes.

Instructional as well as entertaining

Patricia and I have watched in fascination as Shelly Roche, a LAPS volunteer and founder of has shown her viewers how to care for kittens in need. Videos of of Marvel and Munchkin proved especially sweet and entertaining as Shelly bottle fed them as they required supplemental milk.

Who would have thought such cute videos would prove to be lifesaving for a certain 2-week-old kitten?

Having watched those videos, Patricia wrote to me:

I got the KMR milk replacement and gear and tried to remember all I’ve learned from watching kitten cams but so far, not much luck.  The little guy isn’t sucking properly but has licked some off my hand. I’ve called the vet and the rescue for advice. It’s hard work and so upsetting when he’s screaming and not getting food! Slowly but surely with much patience and determination (both myself as foster mama and the kitten), he has become at champ at taking the bottle.


Patricia reports that after one week the kitten has gone from 7 oz. to 10 oz. He is strong, his eyes are open, he loves to climb into her hands and fall asleep.

Her friend Carol is housing the kitten and Patricia comes over to help with the feedings. She says,

I think he is really bonded to Carol already and knows her voice and smell. He purrs like crazy and is starting to groom himself and play. He is going to be one amazing four-legged companion and I can’t wait to watch him grow and thrive! He is just the tiniest, most determined little lovebug.


This proves yet again that these live cams provide far more than entertainment. One little black kitten can thank Shelly Roche and LAPS, and his special friends Patricia and Carol, for having a chance to live, thrive and be loved.

You can follow Tinykittens kitten cams on Livestream, on the Tinykittens Facebook page and at Tinykittens Cat Pack, also on Facebook.

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