Got cold feet? I have a cheap, easy and quick solution for you!

I did say I would write about anything on this blog. 🙂

When I figure out a solution to a problem, I love to tell people about it. And this solution worked so well and is so easy to execute that I just had to share. And it regards–feet!

Got cold feet (and I mean literally)?

If you wear orthopedic inserts in your shoes and/or you find your feet are cold in your sandals in air conditioning, I have a solution.

This is a problem with two parts–here is the first. Some orthopedic inserts are made to cover only two thirds of your foot. I find this to be uncomfortable and a cause of painful calluses. The surface is slippery making walking in sandals a bit precarious.

Does your insert look like mine?

foot solution

Cheap, easy and quick

Here’s how to make it easier to use them with sandals and solve the second part of the problem–keeping your feet toasty warm.

What you need

foot solution1

As you can see, you don’t need much, just a bathroom rug from any department store, velcro, a marker and scissors.

Step One

Trace the insert onto the rug, making it slightly longer than your insert so that it extends a bit when you hold it up against the insert. Cut it out with scissors and trim as needed so that the rug will not show when you wear your sandals.

foot solution2

Step Two

Cut two pieces of velcro – one piece will feel smoother with tiny loops and the other, rough with tiny hooks. The piece with the loops will go on your shoe and the hooks on the insert–the idea is to line them up. The easiest way to do this is to stick the first piece directly on the shoe and then attach the other piece onto the first with the sticky side up. Press the insert in place onto this sticky side and the velcro will attach to the insert in the correction position.

foot solution3

Step Three

Next, you will need to attach another piece of velcro with the loops onto the bottom of your insert–this will receive the rug piece you just cut. Place a piece of velcro with the hooks onto the bottom of the rug piece–you will attach this piece to your insert by folding the rug piece under as shown:

foot solution4

Step Four

Place the insert in the shoe and you are ready to go! You may want to do some additional trimming if the rug is too visible. It won’t be perfectly masked but it will be close. Choosing a rug color that is close to your shoe helps.

foot solution5

Using the rug not only keeps your foot from sliding in your sandal, it keeps it warm too! It also makes the sandal fit snugly which gives your foot better support.

One more trick

Keeping your toes warm helps a lot. You can get toe peds on Amazon which will not show in most sandals. The padding underneath also helps to make your insert more comfortable.

foot solution6

I almost gave up on wearing sandals because managing the insert was so cumbersome. Now I can wear sandals in perfect comfort and walk with confidence. And my feet are nice and warm and comfy.

Give it a try and let me know how this works for you!

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