Follow-up to fasting post: what have I learned this Lent?

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Holy Week is upon us, drawing Lent to a close. I have found this time to be most fruitful; God answered my prayer to go deeper and not without more than a few tears! Between my struggles with fasting, juggling a busy schedule with extra choir rehearsals and the viewing of “I Can Only Imagine” about the very popular worship song of the same name, I would say that God penetrated my soul in a profound way. God called me both in the small, daily activities and in one big one (which I will reveal later) to be faithful and trusting. He has set me on a new course that I am both excited about, and entering with a little trepedation. If I believe that where God takes me will lead to ultimate good, then that belief will lead me past any fear into a wonderful new journey. And I do believe. I will just have to remember, as the scriptures say, for God to help me with my unbelief.

In the meantime I wish you all a Blessed Holy Week and a Happy Easter!

In the meantime, I’d like to share my latest column from the Catholic Free Press and Catholicmom. com:

GM Farms peaches, Sauvie Island, Portland, Oregon. Photo by Andrea Johnson Flickr Creative Commons

Last month I used this space to lament my lack of understanding with regards to fasting. I received wonderful feedback from a reader who mirrored my quandary about the use of fasting as a practical tool for self-improvement (such as weight loss) versus an opportunity for greater holiness. In his letter he shared a story he heard from a homily which illustrated a salient point about fasting. Father told the story of a simple exercise practiced by St. Teresa of Avila who kept a peach in front of her all during Lent. One of the nuns asked her why she tortured herself with the peach, which she really liked. Her response was that if she couldn’t resist a small temptation, how could she resist a big temptation — to sin? Continue reading …

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