Fun Facts Friday: Nature from an app, powerful women, movie gotta-see, circus cats & more!

Ever wanted to bring the outdoors in, especially to your office?

USA, New York City, Central Park, Scenic waterfall
USA, New York City, Central Park, Scenic waterfall

Listening To Nature Sounds At Work Can Boost Your Mood And Productivity: Listening to the sound of crashing waves or a babbling brook isn’t just useful for helping you fall asleep — it may also help you to focus at work.

You can download an app for that!


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Who makes history, and why?
And who are the top ten most powerful women in the world, and why?
Check out Forbes most powerful women list

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Speaking of powerful women, anyone know who this is?

arabella mansfield

Hint: Think Alan Dershowitz in a dress …

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And yeah, I want to see this movie:

* * * * * * * * * * *

on the kayaking front …

lewis and clark

Lewis and Clark go Urban Kayaking

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You think cats can’t be trained to perform? Check this out:

circus cat
The Amazing Acro-Cats: the touring circus that proves cats can be trained

* * * * * * * * * * *

But no all cats are so cooperative (and I don’t blame the first one at all!)

Puyallup’s Siegfried and Roy?
Cats can turn wild when these groomers go to work

That’s it for this week.
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