Reducing cat overpopulation through compassion–TinyKittens and their groundbreaking work

How many of you have seen this video-gone-viral of Cassidy, the #miraclekitten?

How did that video make you feel?

Source of inspiration

For many cat-loving people suffering from illnesses and physical challenges, Cassidy has become a source of inspiration. Despite his many challenges, he never gives up. (See previous post about Cassidy).


tinykittens-logo-blacktinykittens shelly rocheThis is just a taste of the marvelous work being done by TinyKittens, a non-profit organization founded by Shelly Roche. Beginning with one woman creating a live kitten cam on Livestream (inspired by John Bartlett, “Foster Dad John” of The Critter Room), TinyKittens has grown into an organization performing groundbreaking work with feral cats and cat overpopulation.

All are welcome

Working with a colony of 200+ cats Roche and her group of passionate volunteers donate countless hours to improving the quality of life while controlling overpopulation. A feeding station is well stocked with nutritious food as volunteers engage with the residents. As a result, 140 of these cats have been trapped, spayed or neutered, and returned to the colony. Some have even been socialized and adopted into loving families. You can see the results here.

Caring for the sick and injured

The work of TinyKittens is not limited to the healthy and whole; rather, Roche and her volunteers openly embrace the hard work of nursing injured and sick ferals despite the challenges and very real risks. Support from Dr. Ferguson of the Mountain View Veterinary Hospital (and her willingness to make house calls) aids in this work.

Skye, a pregnant feral who is going blind. From
Skye, a pregnant feral who is going blind. From

Read about the groundbreaking work

You can read about their Compassionate Care for Feral Cats here, and see the case studies and the amazing success stories. There is no doubt that the work of TinyKittens is groundbreaking, changing the conventional wisdom with regards to the care and socialization of feral cats.

You can help

There are many expenses involved with the care of these cats (let alone the now-multiple live feeds that can be found at the TinyKittens Livestream account.) You can find out how to donate and to spread the word at

Two success stories


Skye is the most recent addition to the TinyKittens family. Pregnant and going blind, this lovely calico had run out of options until TinyKittens came along to rescue her. You can see how this feral has responded to human love and care:


And remember Cassidy? He is now thriving at 9 months of age and being prepared for blades to replace his hind legs. Here is his story:

Helping many humans

TinyKittens may care for cats and kittens but this organization brings comfort, consolation and happiness to the many families that adopt these cats and kittens into their homes. For the rest of us, we can enjoy the gentle humor, the cuteness overload and the friendship of other cat devotees as we see each other through stress-filled and often difficult days.

This is compassion at work.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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2 thoughts on “Reducing cat overpopulation through compassion–TinyKittens and their groundbreaking work

  1. I see you on chat, so know you keep up with TK but had to make sure you saw the latest great video about Skye and her story and advocating against killing ferals and feral colonies:

  2. Oh my gosh, yes I did on Facebook! Man, the tears started to flow! This is such a miraculous story. Honestly, in my wildest dreams I never thought that Skye would end up in such a perfect home. Thank you for sharing this link so that others can see it too. And now I have it for posterity. 🙂

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