Pink Umbrella book interview: Little Women Legacy: Getting Bookish with Susan Bailey, Featured Author

Look who got featured on Pink Umbrella Books for “Alcott’s Imaginary Heroes: The Little Women Legacy”! Thank you Pink Umbrella Books for the honor and privilege of being featured in your new book.

In this blog post series, we’ll feature contributing authors from our new anthology, Alcott’s Imaginary Heroes: The Little Women Legacy. Today we’ll catch up with Susan Bailey, author, Louisa May Alcott devotee, and proud New Englander!

Contributor Susan Bailey cozies up with The Annotated Little Women in Massachusetts.

What is your favorite scene from Little Women?My favorite scene is when Beth runs over to thank Mr. Laurence, impulsively puts her arms around his neck and kisses him, and ends up sitting in his lap. I thought that took a lot of guts to do that! I am a typical Yankee (“frozen chosen” as they call us in New England) – quite reserved, especially when it comes to showing physical affection, and I know I would have been far too self-conscious to do what Beth did. She totally forgot herself in the spirit of love and gratitude towards…

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My essay on Louisa May Alcott is part of a new book: “Alcott’s Imaginary Heroes: The Legacy of Little Women” — and you are invited to the book signing September 30th at Orchard House!

I am pleased to announce a new book coming out in honor of the 150th anniversary of Little Women for which I am a contributor; that book is called Alcott’s Imaginary Heroes: The Little Women Legacy from Pink Umbrella books. I wrote an essay titled “Louisa May Alcott as Muse, Guide and Grief Counselor”

Release date and book signing

I will be part of the official release and book signing at Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House on Sunday, September 30 from 1:30-4. This will be a fun day with lots of great activities for the family. Stay tuned for details …

A great way to do that is to follow Orchard House on Twitter – @LouisaMayAlcott

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Books for sale

Books will be available for sale for $10.99 each. Contributors will be on hand (including me) to sign your copy. 10% of all book sales will be donated to Orchard House.

Alcott’s Imaginary Heroes: The Little Women Legacy

Alcott’s Imaginary Heroes: The Little Women Legacy is also available for pre-order for $10.99:

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Hope to see you at Orchard House on September 30!


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