My essay on Louisa May Alcott is part of a new book: “Alcott’s Imaginary Heroes: The Legacy of Little Women” — and you are invited to the book signing September 30th at Orchard House!

I am pleased to announce a new book coming out in honor of the 150th anniversary of Little Women for which I am a contributor; that book is called Alcott’s Imaginary Heroes: The Little Women Legacy from Pink Umbrella books. I wrote an essay titled “Louisa May Alcott as Muse, Guide and Grief Counselor”

Release date and book signing

I will be part of the official release and book signing at Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House on Sunday, September 30 from 1:30-4. This will be a fun day with lots of great activities for the family. Stay tuned for details …

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Books for sale

Books will be available for sale for $10.99 each. Contributors will be on hand (including me) to sign your copy. 10% of all book sales will be donated to Orchard House.

Alcott’s Imaginary Heroes: The Little Women Legacy

Alcott’s Imaginary Heroes: The Little Women Legacy is also available for pre-order for $10.99:

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Hope to see you at Orchard House on September 30!


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Unearthing spiritual nuggets in classic literature–a sampling of Louisa May Alcott: Illuminated by The Message

slide 3 - joan howardNOTE: My book is on sale at 50% off through next Wednesday, April 20th. Great time to give it a try–click here.

I came very late to reading. And I was led there by someone with whom I have been fascinated all my life: Louisa May Alcott.

I discovered Louisa through a children’s biography given to me by my aunt after we had visited Orchard House, a museum home dedicated to the Alcott family, and the home where Louisa wrote her classic, Little Women.

Sometimes we meet authors
who penetrate
our hearts to the core.

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A quintessential New England autumn in Concord, Massachusetts

Autumn in New England this year has been positively spectacular. In central Massachusetts where I live, the color is peaking this week. I haven’t seen such brilliant reds, yellows and oranges in years. Driving down the Massachusetts Turnpike every morning greeted by the rolling hills of fiery colors tucked among still-green trees starts starts off my day just right.

This is autumn to me.

A Massachusetts autumn to me is not complete without a visit to my beloved Concord. Transcendentalism flowered here for a time in the mid 19th century represented by such luminaries as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Amos Bronson Alcott and Margaret Fuller. Nathaniel Hawthorne also called Concord his home although he did not subscribe to  Transcendentalism.

Little Women was written in Louisa’s bedroom – the physical setting for the book was Orchard House.

One of the most beloved books in children’s literature, Little Women, was written by the daughter of Bronson Alcott, Louisa May. I have been studying Louisa on and off all my life and since 2010, consider myself a full-time student. I blog regularly about her on Louisa May Alcott is My Passion.

Last Saturday I spent some time at the Concord Free Public Library in their Special Collections room pouring over the diary of Louisa’s oldest sister Anna (aka, Meg in Little Women). The bright sun and cool, crisp air beckoned and I took the walk that Louisa and so many other famous authors walked, down historic Lexington Road, to her home (the setting for Little Women), Orchard House.

Between the gorgeous day and beautiful trees, the lovely antique homes and the history I pondered while walking … you can perhaps appreciate why being in Concord in autumn is a mystical experience for me.

Enjoy this virtual tour and I hope someday you can visit this special place too. If you have visited, share a comment about your experience. We’d love to hear!

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