Another great discovery right under my nose!

Remember when I posted about discovering a little piece of heaven across the street from my house? After living there for twelve years?

Looks like I’ve found another treasure in my town.

An accident

This is all because I put my foot through the liner of our pool! (Imagine watching $100 worth of water drain out of your swimming pool and you can do nothing to stop it. Not fun!)

Every prayer is heard

I couldn’t believe how upset I was that I had broken our pool; frankly it embarrassed me. And I prayed for the grace to detach. I mean really, with all that is going on in the world, I needed to get a grip!

I do believe God appreciates, and honors, the smallest of prayer requests.

A discovery

And then I remembered … the town beach: Grafton’s Silver Lake.

silver lake7-640

A piece of summer nostalgia

It reminded me of Morse’s Pond in Wellesley, MA where I grew up — the dock setup is similar. I thought fondly of swimming lessons with Mr. Pike, with his booming foghorn voice and military-style discipline. He scared you into swimming! 🙂

mr. pike

I had forgotten how relaxing and fun it can be at the beach. I enjoy watching the kids play. I love being able to swim long distances in a lake and don’t mind the occasional piece of seaweed. I feel like I can push myself because of all the capable lifeguards on hand.

Honestly, the feeling I get after swimming is similar to a glass of wine without the buzz. Very sweet.

But it turns out this little jewel offers more …

Remember this picture from the previous post?

I love praying Psalm 104 (which celebrates God's creation) while kayaking.
I love praying Psalm 104 (which celebrates God’s creation) while kayaking.

Yup. I can launch the boat. But there’s more …

How about a path to paradise?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A note of thanks

I want to give a bit shout out to the town of Grafton’s Recreation Department: they run a fine operation at Silver Beach. They make it super easy to get your season pass (right at the parking lot) and for a good price. The rules are reasonable (I was surprised they allowed patrons to drag their boats over the beach to the launch point), the bathrooms are clean and they offer cheap snacks and ice cream at the concession stand.

By the way, Rich was able to patch the hole in the pool and soon we will be able to swim in it again. But I will be buying my season pass again next year for the town beach.

What treasures have you discovered in your hometown?





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