“River of Grace:” a book of hope during this difficult pandemic

River of Grace: Creative Passages Through Difficult Times was my first book, written in 2015. In the book I reflect upon suffering in my life which included the deaths of my parents and the loss of my singing voice. By trusting in God even when I had no idea where He was leading me, I experienced transformation as a result of the creative power of grief.

River of Grace provides powerful personal stories of loss and grief along with creative ways to cope through trust and faith. It’s a book of hope during this difficult pandemic.

To give you a better idea of the nature of River of Grace, I invite you to watch/listen to a 40 minute presentation on the book which also includes some songs that amplify the meaning.

Where to order River of Grace

My publisher, Ave Maria Press, is holding a Labor Day Weekend sale — go to their website for 10% off the purchase price.

Visit www.avemariapress.com/products/river-of-grace.


House hunting fun: “Lakefront Bargain Hunt” from a kayak

I am a huge fan of HGTV. It is welcome, mindless entertainment. The shows’ hosts have become end-of-the-day companions as I wait for my husband to finish with his early evening entertainment of computer games.

Meet my favorites

tarekchristina2I really enjoy “Flip or Flop” because the reno only takes thirty minutes. The hosts, Tarek and Christina, are very engaging. They are major risk-takers and it’s fun to see whether or not their gamble pays off.

Tiny is fascinating

I also love “House Hunters” and especially, “Tiny House Hunters.” I think tiny houses are cool. My sister’s summer cottage qualifies, square-footage-wise, as a tiny house and it seems huge in comparison to what I see on “Tiny House Hunters.”

The rest of the crew

Then there’s Drew and Jonathan (“The Property Brothers”), Chip and Joanna Gaines (“Fixer Upper” — Joanna Gaines is by far my favorite designer) and Hilary and David (“Love It or List It” — Hilary has an unfair advantage since it’s far easier to stay rather than to move).

shows combined2

lakefront bargain huntOn the weekends I enjoy “Beachfront Bargain Hunt” and “Lakefront Bargain Hunt.” It’s particularly fun when they visit familiar places  (yesterday’s “Lakefront” covered Lake Winnipesaukee in NH where we have vacationed, and Lake Martin in Alabama where my sister and her husband live during the winter months).

I decided to do some “lakefront bargain hunting” yesterday while out in the kayak. Usually I take pictures of nature scenes but frankly, I enjoy looking at houses as much as I do beautiful scenery.  I do work in real estate after all! 🙂

As you will see, I have a wide variety of favorites …

from the cottage-type homes …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

to the more luxurious …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So which house do you prefer? What would your dream home look like?

Can you guess my favorite?

Hint: location, location, location!

A fun outing topped off by time spent in the new “spa” (aka, the kiddie pool :-))

Hope your summer has been just as nice.







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River of Grace Audio book with soundtrack music available now on Bandcamp. Listen to the preface of the book, and all the songs.

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Another great discovery right under my nose!

Remember when I posted about discovering a little piece of heaven across the street from my house? After living there for twelve years?

Looks like I’ve found another treasure in my town. Continue reading “Another great discovery right under my nose!”

Nice, Baton Rouge, Dallas, Orlando, and your own life: When you can’t find the words during desperate times

There is no doubt that we are in the midst of a violent storm, in the world around us, and in our own private spheres.

We wake up to another terrorist attack or senseless shooting. We face a crisis of trust in our leaders.

Our faith is under siege. Believers face ridicule and rejection, and for some, martyrdom.

Sickness and death surround us. We witness children in poverty dying of starvation around the world. We encounter suffering, death and grief among our own families and friends.

In the midst of these storms,
do you find it difficult to pray?

Continue reading “Nice, Baton Rouge, Dallas, Orlando, and your own life: When you can’t find the words during desperate times”